Thursday, August 8, 2013


Brock and I have been married for 5 YEARS - today!! It is so funny because at times it still feels like we are newlyweds but also been married forever.... kinda crazy how the time has flown !! Honey (Brock) I love you forever & ever. You are the best !! XOXOXO haili

its been fun !!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

photo catch up

we are in our "new" (to us) house and loving it !!we have been so busy with projects that i havent really had the energy to post -obviously- so here is just a quick update

Maggie had a little photoshoot - I am so glad i got some good pics of her in her blessing dress 

Grace loves to play with "pretties" and my wedding rings have become her favorite 

we "adopted" our 3 legged dog from my brother. the girls LOVE him 

maggie can do the hansen trick at 3.5 months 

we went to st george with some of brocks cousins over memorial day weekend - it was a nice mini vacay 

grace got some sunscreen in her eyes and this is the aftermath 

Brock bought these sunglasses for grace and now she wears them every day !! when she wants to get a better look at something she pulls them down like this 

we are landscaping our front yard and in the process we found baby rats - i am happy to report that all forms of rats have been terminated !!

the before of our front yard 

after demo